Senior Pet Care

Senior Pet Care in Springfield

Helping Pets Feel Happy & Comfortable in Their Old Age

Significant advances have been made in addressing the needs of senior pets. Pet Medical Center of Springfield is skillfully prepared to help your senior pets. Older pets, like older people, develop age-related changes resulting in heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney failure, hormonal imbalances like diabetes or hypothyroidism, arthritis, cancers, and depressed mental ability, to name a few. Many of the changes that occur in pets as they age are very gradual and can often be hard to detect. Veterinarians today are well equipped with the knowledge, products, and diagnostic tools needed to identify these problems and develop strategies that allow pets to live longer and richer lives.

Early detection of these age-related changes is critical to for improving length and quality of life. Often, we assume our older pets are "slowing down" simply because they are older, when they may in fact be uncomfortable due to joint pain or anemic due to kidney disease. When the specific problems are treated, it can be very rewarding to see the improvement.

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What Makes Us the Right Choice

  • Nearly 50 Years of Service to this Community

    For nearly five decades Pet Medical Center of Springfield has been offering comprehensive and compassionate care to your beloved pets.

  • Offering Emergency Care

    We understand how scary it can be when your pet is having a medical emergency, put their paws in our capable hands.

  • Highest Quality of Care

    At the Pet Medical Center of Springfield facility, we are proud to have a state-of-the-art veterinary clinic equipped to provide the highest quality medical care for your beloved pets.

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  • “Thank you for everything you did- you are truly amazing caregivers!”

    - M. Murphy
  • “I cannot tell you how much all of you meant to me getting me through the recent illness of my cat. You were all so kind and compassionate.”

    - D. Chang
  • “Thank you for taking such good and loving care of Frank!”

    - T. MacNaboe